Community Learning Centre

A Community Learning Centre (CLC) is a partnership of school and community organizations designed to enhance educational services, sports, leisure, and recreational activities for its students, families and community at large.

The CLC and its partners create a milieu that fosters student success, family and community engagement, youth development, and lifelong learning. Our doors are open to the public to deliver quality services, programs and activities during the day, after school, evenings and on weekends.

Our community partners are described below. We encourage you to learn more and get involved!

Web: http://riverdale.lbpsb.qc.ca/sec/community/clc.asp

Contact: Dan Mullins – dmullins@lbpsb.qc.ca

CLC Community Partners


Overture with the Arts

A non-profit organization dedicated to making performing arts education available to young people from all walks of life. We offer low cost training for all youth, as well as scholarships to youth who have an interest in the performing arts and who wouldn't otherwise have the finances to pursue their passion. We are dedicated to nurturing the skills of our students as well as building self-confidence and poise through dance, drama and vocal training. We are also committed to giving students a comprehensive understanding that “show business” is indeed a business by giving courses and management workshops targeted to the entertainment industry. We then serve as a lifeline to their careers in the Canadian and international entertainment industries. 

Web: http://mindpeacelove.com/overturewiththearts/

Contact: Akilah Newton - info@overturewiththearts.org



West Island Black Community Association

WIBCA is a non-profit community association founded in 1982, registered as a Canadian Charity that organizes and runs programs for the whole community. WIBCA is dedicated to extending its programs for the benefit of all, regardless of ethnic origin, colour, gender, religion or race, and to be integrated as a vibrant part of society by continuously increasing the participation in our programs to reach more youths, adults and seniors. We offer recreational and academic after-school programs, Saturday tutorials, youth drop-in services, summer day camps and scholarships.

Web: http://www.wibca.org

Contact: Akwasi Yeboah - chairperson@wibca.org



Youth Stars Foundation

A non-profit organization whose mandate is to positively encourage and educate youth by providing them with various activities, events and workshops that utilize sports and arts as motivational and educational tools. We offer March break camps, summer dance camps, youth competitions, music writing workshops and entrepreneurship programs.

Web: http://youthstarsfoundation.org

Contact: Malik Shaheed - info@youthstarsfoundation.org


Aditya Youth Trust Fund (AYTF)

A Montreal based, non-denominational charitable organization dedicated to helping and encouraging young people to achieve their full potential. We offer a helping hand to under-resourced youth so that they become better students, better persons, and ultimately builders of a better society. We offer activities such as after-school and weekend tutoring, scholarships, awards, summer camps and mentoring.

Web: http://aytf.org/m/AYTFS15/

Contact: Mr. & Mrs. Pathak - aditya_ytf@hotmail.com


Alliance of South Asian Communities (ASAC)

It was established in October 1998 to address the concerns of the South Asian community (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka). Since then, ASAC has been working diligently to promote the well-being of the South Asian community by addressing issues concerning youth, tenants and landlords, senior citizens and conjugal violence.  We provide translation services, and tutorials for students on weekends and during summer holidays. ASAC is an active member of the Riverdale High School community.

Contact: Bashir Hussain - asac6420@yahoo.com


Brookwood Basketball

A non-profit organization serving the Island of Montreal and its surrounding boroughs since 1972. Our program is geared to providing an opportunity for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 18 to play basketball in a house league and tournament environment, work on skill development and develop an enthusiastic attitude toward playing basketball at all levels. Our organization houses both a House League, where equal individual playing time is assured, and a highly skilled Inter-City League where we compete against other organizations. 

Web: http://brookwoodbasketball.org

Contact: John Hanley - john.hanley@videotron.ca


Community Born to Read

A volunteer group, based in the West Island of Montreal, which promotes early literacy skills in young children. As our focus is mainly on pre-school children, most programs are designed for children and parents. Our goal is to encourage family interactions which result in the child absorbing the literacy skills that are important to succeed in school. Community Born To Read distributes books to parents of pre-school children and models reading skills to young children, encouraging daily reading at home. We also sponsor group programs which introduce songs, nursery rhymes and stories, and support community literacy projects with materials and expertise.

Web: http://borntoread.net/

Contact: Nicholas Barker - nicholasbbarker@gmail.com


Break City

Founded by Chris Eagleton, Bboy City (Illmask Crew). The first break dance school to hit the West Island of Montreal. Chris’ long term goal was to create and maintain a B-Boying scene in the West Island for all levels and ages with the best quality training.

They offer classes and workshops designed accordingly for all levels and ages. Their services consist of fun and exciting workouts to improve rhythm, strength, endurance as well as building self-confidence. Their goal is not only to teach proper dance technique but to introduce their students to dance culture, giving them the tools to get inspired.

With trained professionals, who have performed and competed for over a decade, their mission is to pass on their experiences, knowledge and techniques. They are continuously striving to inspire and encourage upcoming and existing dancers and are honored to share their passion with them.


Boys to Men Canada

Boys to Men Canada is a non-profit mentoring program in your community. We are mentors, role-models, and guides to teenagers ready to take on the greatest challenge of their lives: Becoming a good man.

The Boys to Men group mentoring program is aimed toward “at-risk” high school boys. Program elements include experiential mentor training for men, weekly site-based meetings of mentors and boys, a challenging Adventure Weekend for boys, and ongoing training and support for carefully selected and screened mentors.