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Exam Protocols
Dress Down Clothing

Female students may not have bare shoulders or exposed midriffs. They cannot wear tank tops or spaghetti straps. Male students are not permitted T-shirts which expose the shoulder or are sleeveless (muscle shirts). No short shorts are allowed.  Students are not permitted to wear leggings.

Cell Phones & Listening Devices

Students are not permitted to have a phone or smartwatch in their possession during an exam.  A phone in a pocket, even if turned off, is still considered as cheating.

Phones, smartwatches, and all personal listening devices including earphones must be left in a bag at the front of the room or in a locker.

In either case, the school assumes no responsibility for any broken, lost or stolen phones.

Late Arrivals

Students arriving late may enter an exam up to 30 minutes after the start of the exam. No late slips will be issued. No additional exam time will be awarded to a late student. The 30 minute time limit will be decided by the office and an announcement made. Students arriving past the 30 minutes are to be refused entry to their exam and must be sent to the office.

Missing an Exam

These are final exams and attendance is required, unless justified by a doctor’s letter, court appearance, death in the family or representation on a provincial or national sports team. Formal documentation will be required to excuse any absence, as a parental note will not be accepted.