Riverdale students are required to wear our school uniform.  A committee of students was formed and it was given the responsibility of choosing the uniform and the colours.  A committee of parents was set up to choose the best supplier with the best prices.

The basic colours of the uniform are forest green and black. The following articles purchased solely from our uniform supplier, make up our uniform:


  • White turtleneck with school logo
  • White polo top (short sleeves, collar, 3 buttons) printed with school logo
  • White mock neck shirt printed with school logo
  • Green/black long sleeved polo shirt printed with school logo


  • Forest green with black trim with school logo to be worn over turtleneck or polo only

V-Neck Pullover

  • Forest green, black trim with school logo to be worn over turtleneck or polo only

Sleeveless Pullover

  • Forest green, black trim with school logo to be worn over turtleneck or polo only


  • Black dress pants for boys and girls including black “Dickie” pants with no outside back/patch pocket.
  • Yoga pants are permitted but may not be tapered at the ankle.
  • Leggings and sweatpants will NOT be permitted.  Black Jeans or denim pants are also not permitted.


  • Pleated Black Watch tartan (to be worn no more than 2 inches above the knee)

Cargo Shorts

  • In season (determined by school administration)


  • Black, forest green or white (no stripes or patterns)
  • Panty Hose/Tights black (no patterns or designs) forest green or skin tone (no leggings)


  • Black shoes, (no stripes, logos, etc.)
  • Shoes must be maintained and be presentable at all times
  • Slippers, clogs, boots, sandals, boots or trendy shoes are not permitted.

Seasonal Wear

  • Cargo shorts with school logo
  • Black sandals (no flip-flops or beach sandals)

The Phys​ical Education uniform consists of

  • Grey t-shirt with school logo (Grades 7 – 10)
  • Black shorts with school logo (Grades 7 – 10)
  • Regular sweatpants, shorts and t-shirt for Grade 11


  • Tank tops or spaghetti straps are prohibited
  • T-shirts worn under tops must be plain white with no print, design or logo and should not be visible beyond the shirt length worn.
  • Clothing not considered school appropriate will not be tolerated.
  • Extreme hair colouring, facial piercing and excessive jewelry are not in keeping with school uniform policy and, therefore, may be dealt with by administration.


The official supplier of the Riverdale High School uniform is:
Triangulum Uniform Company
1440 Antonio-Barbeau,
Montreal QC. 
H4N 1H5
Tel.: 514-738-6660