Everyone has a responsibility to follow the rules and meet the expectations set forth by the school.  Consequences for not meeting the expectations of the school are:

  • Fair
  • Certain
  • Known in advance
  • Logical and related to action

Logical consequences lead to the student developing self-discipline by taking responsibility for his or her own actions.  The consequences that we use are:

Students are accountable for their actions in school.  Non-adherence to school or classroom rules or failure to meet the expectations of the school’s Code of Conduct may result in a detention.  There are two types of detentions:

  1. A class or teacher detention is assigned by an individual teacher in response to an irregularity in the classroom. Such detentions are to be served at the teacher’s discretion based upon the teacher’s availability.  These detentions are not entered into a student’s record.
  2. School detentions are assigned due to a contravention in the school rules or expectations.  These infractions are entered into a student’s school record. Failure to attend school detentions may result in additional detentions, Saturday Study Hall or suspension.

Removal from Normal Timetable
Students whose behavior interferes with the education of others may be removed from class in any subject for a period of time.  Parents will be informed by letter.

Students carry with them a form which covers every lesson for up to two weeks.  Every lesson needs the teacher’s signature and parents are asked to sign the reports as an added check.  The reports may be reviewed periodically by administration.

When a student is suspended, parents are notified in writing.  Copies of that letter are sent to the appropriate office at the school board level.  Students are suspended for repeated or serious offences.