Transportation to and from Riverdale

Riverdale makes use of the school bus system provided by the Lester B Pearson school board. Busses drop students off at Riverdale at approximately 8:45, and leave about 10-15 minutes after the final bell, around 3:45.

Remember some important tips about using the school bus

  • Always be at the bus stop 10 minutes early.
  • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop, then board the school bus in single file, in an orderly fashion, using the handrail.
  • Find your assigned seat quickly without pushing other students. Keep the aisle clear.
  • Remain seated, talk quietly. Do not eat, drink or leave trash on the bus.
  • Always listen to the driver's instructions.
  • Never put your head or arms out of the windows.
  • Know where the emergency exits are but DO NOT tamper with them.
  • When getting off, wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before leaving your seat. Descend in a single file.
  • Walk a safe distance from the bus so that the driver can see you and know that you are out of danger.
  • If you need to cross in front of the bus, keep a safe distance and watch for the driver's signal. Do not run.
  • Proceed with caution.

For more information, consult the school board's page on transportation, found at https://transportation.lbpsb.qc.ca/

Included below is a map of Montreal displaying the zones in which students can be bussed to Riverdale, either for free or for a small fee.