Track and Field


Riverdale’s Track and Field team is for students of all ages and abilities. As a team, we participate in both the GMAA winter and summer track meets with other schools from in and around the Montreal area. For the past four years, some of our most gifted athletes have gone on to compete at the Provincial level. 

Serious competitors and novice participants alike come together for practices once or twice a week after school. The entire team warms up together, lead by the coach; Ms. Woods, or by one of the veteran team members.   After the warm up, participants work on strength building, and on acquiring the skills they need for the events that interest them the most. 

Team spirit, friendship, and fun are the most important values of our Riverdale Track team. Whether it be supporting and coaching a team mate who is trying an event for the very first time, or cheering for a first place runner in a 60 meter dash, the Riverdale track team is always there for each other. 

If you are interested in being a part of something fun and rewarding, in making new friends, trying new things, and in improving your fitness, then the Riverdale Fitness Club / Track and Field Team is for you! 

Coach: Ms. Woods 
Assistant Coach: Ms. Blackburn