Want to play RUGBY at Riverdale? Complete and return a sign up form to room 347. Practices will begin after exams. Don't hesitate or delay, as teams will be formed based on the number and age of players who register. Lady Spartans, note that we have several outside coaches from the Montreal Barbarians who want to come into the school to build the women's rugby program, so don't be shy to sign up. We want to field both a women's team and a men's team this season.

We have three principles that are the foundation of our team. These principles are things we live by, regardless of whether we win or lose. They apply at all times, on and off the field, in school and out. Joining either our boys or our girls teams means you choose to live by these principles. 

Rugby is a full-contact sport. You must train hard with your mind, body and soul. You must master your emotions on and off the field and make the right choices, especially when challenged. 

This is essential to our team. When you show dedication you show up on time, prepared, ready to learn. Ego is set aside. You are part of the team, not an individual. Your individual concerns are those of the team, and the concerns of the team are your individual concerns. One person not showing up for practice is the whole team not showing up for practice. 

Honour is the name others have for you that you earn. If you behave honourably you will be called honourable by others. This means that at all times you show discipline in your choices and raise the honour of the team up, not drag it down. Win or lose we will be guardians of our honour because we choose to do so. This makes us powerful opponents. Your honour is built upon your actions. Always let your actions be based on Discipline and Dedication. 

                             Kia Kaha Ake Ake 

This is our team motto and our team cheer. It means “Strength and Power Forever and Ever” in Maori, the language of the first nation of New Zealand, the warriors of rugby.

Kia Kaha Ake Ake, Stength and Power Forever and Ever.